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Tuesday, November 19 • 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Global Leadership Seminar: Future of Road User Charging

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Road user charging is not a new practice – dating as far back at the 7th century BCE – but its recent rate of expansion has been staggering. By some estimates, the tolling market is expected to grow from 196 million subscriptions in 2015 to more than 540 million by 2025. The main drivers of this trend are multiple, including among others the need to fund infrastructure investment and upkeep, tax drivers for the “externalities” they generate, charge foreign vehicles using the national road system, and brace for the expected decline in fuel taxes.

The technologies supporting road tolling services currently co-exist as 5 separate ecosystems (RFID, DSRC, GNSS, ANPR & Infrared), frequently guided by economic considerations and national regulations rather than a thorough examination of the benefits each one provides. The growing appeal of tolling in emerging economies is encouraging road agencies to look at an even wider spectrum of technological responses ranging from integration with mobile payment for private users to combined services aimed at the fleet operator market. The traditional “On Board Units” themselves also face growing competition from a range of fixed and portable devices as new actors (OEMs, energy companies, etc.) enter the market.

Lastly, the emergence of autonomous and shared mobility presents an explored challenge for toll service providers. Economics dictate that a considerable portion of autonomous mobility will start out as shared trips. UBS predicts that by 2035 urban car ownership will fall by 70% and that the total number of vehicles on the roads could be halved by 2050. These dramatic trends will likely reshape the tolling market as we know it, in ways that are not yet understood.

Seminar Objectives
  • Align understanding on future policy developments driving road user charging
  • Address the technological & business outlook for road tolling
  • Achieve consensus on how long term mobility trends will likely impact the tolling market
  • Outline opportunities to bridge knowledge gaps through educational resources


The seminar will bring together 20 senior industry and institutional specialists to discuss these issues in depth in a spirit of constructive engagement. Under the direction of a Chair, chosen for their knowledge and authority on the subject, a small number of introductory presentations are delivered, and an open debate engaged between the specialists invited to the event. The discussions will aim to shed light on persisting challenges and opportunities for concerted action and supportive policies.

In writing up conclusions, care will be taken to reflect the range of views expressed, including uncertainties and divergent views. The aim is for participants to feel free to express their opinions as individuals, rather than restricting themselves to the positions of the institutions and organizations they represent (Chatham House Rule).


Tuesday November 19, 2019 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Tropicana Las Vegas