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Joseph R Bruns

US Polyco, Inc
Executive Vice President Research
Dallas, Texas
Leading a team in the development of technology for the use of sustainable materials in asphalt paving has been our primary focus. The result is a new pavAeon system comprised RDP and SEC. End of life tires continue to be a major source of waste in our environment even after decades of research. Our new RDP process simultaneously digests up to 50%, by weight, scrap tires into paving asphalt without the need for grinding or preprocessing steel removal. When digestion is completed in as little as 2 hours, the resulting modified bitumen has increased penetration and improved ductility. This improved bitumen allows for the use of increased levels of Recycled Asphalt Pavements (RAP) without sacrificing durability and reflective cracking resistance. Further modification with SEC, a new styrenic copolymer that is resistant to UV, HEAT, and WATER, is perfectly suited for long life durable pavements with improved rutting and cracking resistance. Having a 20 career in asphalt modification for roofing and 10 years in various roles with the TOTAL bitumen team, pavAeon is overall one of the most exciting developments. After hours, always in short supply, are spent with my two daughters and tending the "Lil-Bitty" ranch.