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Benjamin Schmidt

President & Co-Founder
While working on autonomous vehicle sensors at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Christoph Mertz asked, “can the same image processing and A.I. technologies that are used to navigate autonomous vehicles be used to evaluate the conditions of the roads on which they travel? And, could we use a simple smartphone to do it?” Several years later, Dr. Mertz developed deep learning algorithms that could evaluate road images captured by a smartphone.
Identifying the potential of this transformative technology, co-founders Dr. Benjamin Schmidt, Dr. Mertz and Mark DeSantis spun out RoadBotics in 2016. Soon after, the founders recruited a team of passionate individuals to commercialize the technology and offer solutions that would help disrupt the highly subjective and expensive pavement inspection process.
Today, over 160 governments across the world use RoadBotics’ pavement assessments to fix the right roads at the right time while saving taxpayer dollars. RoadBotics is using A.I. to not only improve the world’s roads, but also all critical infrastructure that impacts people’s lives every day.

My Speakers Sessions

Thursday, November 21

4:00pm AKST